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Spirativity & Birds Eye View

posted on Sunday, September 11, 2011 10:57 PM

Spirativity is a group of creatives across a band of skills, demographics, and faiths united in a common goal to creating thought inspiring and evocative content which create ripples from a micro-to-macro scale through highlighting the beauty as well as the social/environmental issues within our respective local communities.

Spirit + Creativity = Spirativity



Bird's Eye View, by Barry Crisp

Above sun-drenched rooftops birds flirt with gravity
Observing life ebbing and flowing beneath their wings
Mapping out the street below with curved enquiring transparent eyes
Their petite hearts vibrating against feathery breasts
Dancing to Canon in D Major above an unearthly landscape

A bopping sea of emotions enveloped with colours, textures, and flavours
Alphonso mangoes, okra, aubergines, brown coconuts, chikoo and herbs
Shadows bargaining for a cheaper deal over a clay pot storing olives and cheese
The doors to the pie and mash always open, always welcoming
Three-for-two at the local bookshop, it’s windows reflecting the streets activity
A lady skips by wearing flowers upon her skin
The lads dipping into a packet of crisps whistle to her tune

A wave of exotic dialects sailing through the fish-tinted air
Conversation from yesterday whispering in the soft breeze
Expressions of all palettes rubbing shoulders and bending time-space
Subconscious footsteps on familiar aged cobblestone paths
Amongst the bustle a mother teaches her son how to pick fruit.

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