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A Change Has Come!!!

posted on Wednesday, November 05, 2008 10:35 AM

It has been an historical past few days both on a sports and political front. And if I have to be very honest… it has indeed been a very emotional time for me also. Firstly, my heart stopped beating and popped out into my anxious arms as I watched Lewis Hamilton overtake Glock in the last 100 yards of the Brazilian Grandprix. When it had been confirmed that he had won the title I screamed out loud (after 4am Japan time), and punched the air. History had been made!

Lewis Hamilton in only his second season in Formula One (F1) claims the world championship title in perhaps the most dramatic of finishes ever during the finale (Brazilian Grandprix). Lewis has had to overcome racism, team arguments, and many dubious decisions in order to become the first black F1 racer and winner of the prestigious prize, as well as being the youngest ever F1 winner. Lewis’ late cousin and I went to the same secondary school, and it’s an understatement to say that Great Britain is proud of Lewis.

Secondly, Sam Cooke once sang that ‘A Change is Gonna Come’, and that change has finally been realised. The United States of America has entered a new chapter of a turbulent book with Barack Obama becoming the first Black President of America. As a child my friends and I would joke about their being a black president. And now, that joke is a reality. With two assassination plots against Barack foiled during this campaign, his clear-cut victory must definitely feel much sweater. America must now surely be looking towards a greater future where the once so wonderfully talked of ‘American dream’ may finally become a reality.

When I read the news of Barack Obama’s victory, I stopped for a moment, looked up towards the heavens, hugged the closest person next to me, and said ‘thank you, Obama won’. I got home and played Sam Cooke's song (which was played at Martin Luther King's funeral), held my chidren's mother, and a tear came to my eyes.

One thing is sure now more than ever, that black youths need to wake up and take a moment to look at what their people have achieved, and remember where they have come from to achieve all that they have. Now, they can truly begin to ‘Emancipate themselves from mental slavery’, Bob Marley. Educational, Health reforms are a priority for the future of America.

Peace, Love, and Harmony!!!
Ugonna Wachuku
Thursday, November 06, 2008 03:45 PM

Dear Barry:

Quite an interesting and meaningful post - to think about and broadly reflect on.

Barack Obama as the first African-American plus bi-racial President of the United States of America is surely the redeeming of the American Dream promise this 21st century.

United States of America citizens have shone the uplifting light; and inspired the rest of humankind for good.



Barry C
Thursday, November 06, 2008 09:20 PM

Yes they have! Thank you for your comments Ugonna. It is indeed a new chapter for the world. I also hope that one day in the future we can have a black/chinese/asian prime minister in the UK... Haha... I get that a lot Nikos! I am often told that I look like Craig David, Theo Walcott or Lewis Hamilton. People in Japan go one stop further, and claim I am Barack Obama's cousin/brother. Haha!... And I totally agree with you... there is a special buzz in the air, the whole world can feel and people across the globe know that this planet has entered a new chapter... only time will tell how great it will be. Peace, Love and Harmony to you all!

Sherrilene Collymore
Friday, November 28, 2008 11:13 PM

Great blog. And it is a wonderful changing time :)

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